As of 2020, I am a third year PhD candidate in international relations at the University of Sydney.   


My background:

I believe that postcolonialism as a theory and praxis need not be limited to either academic or creative work, which is why my body of work extends across both disciplines.

In 2016, I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Relations. My thesis earned the University Medal and Michael W. Jackson Prize in Government.

In 2015, I attained a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) in Government and International Relations; Spanish and Latin American Studies; and English. I work across and between three languages (English, Turkish, Spanish). During my undergraduate studies I was awarded the GS Caird Prize in Third Year Government and the Mayer Prize in Political Theory.

Across my diverse interests, my core values centre on education, empowerment, and expression. I care deeply about affording others the opportunities that I have been, somehow, through sheer dumb luck, afforded throughout my life, and getting people excited about shit like postcolonialism, critical theory, art and learning. I write the fledgling Does It Mean What I Think? section of this website, aimed at decentralising academic knowledge about postcolonialism. Read more about that here.