Pronounced Ed-a Gun-eye-din. Post(-disciplinary, -colonial) essayist and scholar. Working across academic nonfiction and creative nonfiction. Interested in class, diaspora, and race.


Pronounced Ed-a Gun-eye-din. Post(-disciplinary, -colonial) essayist and scholar. Working across academic non-fiction and creative non-fiction. Interested in class, diaspora, and race.



My key research interests are in the intersections of gender, race and violence; representations of the Middle East; and post-structuralist theory and methods, particularly discourse theory. PhD to be awarded 2022-3.


Eda Gunaydin. ‘Saving the YPJ, saved by the YPJ: ambivalent agency and the legitimation of intervention in Syria’, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 2022.

Megan MacKenzie and Eda Gunaydin. ‘Does Raising the Combat Exclusion Lead to Equality? Measuring the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in Canada and New Zealand’s defence forces’, Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, 2022.

Harry Maher, Eda Gunaydin and Jordan McSwiney. ‘Western civilizationism and white supremacy: the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation’, Patterns of Prejudice, 2022. 

Eda Gunaydin. ‘Learn from Kurdish Women’s Liberation Movements to Imagine the Dissolution of the Nation-state System’,  in Feminist Solutions for Ending War, edited by Nicole Wegner and Megan MacKenzie, 73–88. London: Pluto Press.

Megan MacKenzie, Eda Gunaydin, and Umeya Chaudhuri. ‘Illicit military behaviour as exceptional and inevitable: media coverage of military sexual violence and the ‘bad apples’ paradox’. International Studies Quarterly, 2020.

Eda Gunaydin. Review of Complaintby Sara Ahmed (Durham: Duke University Press, 2021) forthe Sydney Review of Books, 2021.

Eda Gunaydin. Review of Why Race Still Matters by Alana Lentin (London: Polity, 2019) for the Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam, 2021.

Eda Gunaydin. ‘No Struggling Alone,’ a review of Jodi Dean’s Comrade (Verso 2019), for The Sydney Review of Books, 2020.

Scholarship, Grants & Awards


International Studies Association Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Tutorials

ISA, Women’s Caucus Graduate Student Best Paper Award

ISA, Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section Best Paper Award

London Critical Theory Summer School, Open Society Foundations: fully funded position.

Research Training Program (RTP), Australian Government 3.5 years, scholarship

The Michael W Jackson Prize for Study in Government, for the student who attains the highest results in Honours and in courses during the BA program

The University of Sydney University Medal for Government

GS Caird Scholarship in Third Year Government

Mayer Prize in Political Theory, for the best piece of writing on political theory